Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Word from the Princess

My name is Koshka. You can call me Princess Pretty.

First, I don't know why the dog has a blog, and I don't know why you are reading it. Clearly you don't have enough to do.

Second, when it comes to overseas experience, you should clearly be listening to me instead.

I have been with my mother at two posts, first Azerbaijan (this was before the interloper joined us) and then in Jerusalem.

I understand about travel, and about dignity. When we travelled from Jerusalem back to DC, we were in our carriers for more than 24 hours. At the end of the trip, I fussed at my mother about the appalling conditions and then went about my life. The dog, a bundle of nerves. Pishik, the younger cat in our house, actually soiled herself. Unbelievable.

In Azerbaijan, I had my mother to myself, which I consider the optimum arrangment. In addition to the services of my mother, I also had a housekeeper who kept my litterbox clean (and the rest of the house too). But you should be aware that language issues can cause problems. My housekeeper was Russian, and my name is, of course, Russian for cat (because my mother is not terribly creative). The housekeeper thought my mother was translating my name for her, and would run around the house calling me "Cat" in heavily accented English.

I was not amused.

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