Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guest Post from Gatito in Monterrey

Hi, My name is Gatito.

I lived on the streets until I was four monthsold, and then I found Mommy and Daddy one day when they were outrunning. I put on my best sweet act for the next few days, and then Iresorted to my ferocious nature. Mommy says the scratches on her armlook like a "highway map," whatever that means.

My favorite activities are sharpening my claws, running away so I can hang out on the roof (but I always come back when Mommy callsme...well, almost always) and hunting moths. Once I even killed a coke can (see attached evidence). I didn't know it would shoot juiceat me! Moths never do that.

Daddy leaves the house almost every day. Mommy stays here and staresat a screen and talks to people I can't see. When she does that, I knock things off the shelf so she knows she can talk to me instead. She also plays with her toys, but gets mad when I stomp on them. Something about "deleting an entire email." So yesterday I just took a nap. Her toy makes a nice little cave area where I can sleep. (See other attached photo.)

Meow from Monterrey, Mexico.

Tigre Rayado "Gatito" Torrance

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