Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting there is half the battle

I got the following email from someone named Catherine:

Dear DiploDog, I know air travel is not your favorite thing to do. What would you suggest to bring on your flight to make it a more comfortable experience? Do you have a favorite/least favorite airline experience?

First, I wonder if Catherine is really code for Cat...I suspect this actually came from Koshka, my feline sister who I am certain is plotting to get rid of me. I think this is her plan to lure me onto that big grey box.

But I will answer the question anyway.

For those travelling willingly, there are some things that can make it better. My mothers got me a new big grey den before my first (and least favorite) trip. I thought it was interesting at first, but I think they should have left it out longer for me to get used to it (They did on my second trip, but it brought back horrible memories of my first trip). They also put a comfy pad in there that could absorb any "accidents" (like I don't know how to hold it!) and a shirt that one of them had worn, plus one of my favorite toys. They put some food in a bowl that attached to the den's door, and froze some water in another bowl and attached it to the den door. So I had water during the trip.

They put my name, address and a picture of me on the outside of the cage, in case I got lost. Of course, I have had a microchip as extra protection since the day they brought me home.

Everybody should have a microchip. They are MAGIC! It barely hurts and if you get lost, it will help the nice people who find you get you back to your family. I don't know's just magic!

Even with everything, I didn't enjoy the flight too much. It was loud and long, but in the end, I was back with my mom and it was fine. And the second time, I wasn't scared at all because I was a veteran.

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