Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cayenne's turn

My name is Cayenne, and I live with Noostie (aka DiploDoggie) and Koshka, as well as Pishik (who I like to call Aaawwwww because she is so cute). Pishik hasn't shown any interest in blogging though.
I was born in Mississippi April 4, 1996. Okay, fine, hatched. I adopted my mother when I was four months old.
I really like to try to crack my mothers up. The one that works best is when I make a really high pitched squeek and then say "nobody likes that noise!" That gets them every time!
I made a big splash in Jerusalem pretty quickly. When the GSOs, the people who fix things, come over, they always knock first and then open the door and shout "hello" into the house. They have permission to be there, but they want to make sure they don't startle anyone when they come in.
The first time they came to fix something at our house, they opened the door and said "hello." My moms weren't home and I stayed quiet. Then they got into the kitchen, where they couldn't see me, and I decided I had been rude. So I said, "hello?" And all the work stopped. They said "hello?" So I said "hello!" And they said, "hello?" And I thought, wow, friendly folks, even if English isn't their first language! So I said hello again.
We did this for about five minutes before they realized it was me. They told this story at the weekly staff meeting. Apparently I was the hit of the FSN (Foreign Service National) staff!

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