Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Like To Eat Stuff

And not just stuff I am supposed to eat, like food, treats, and shoes.

Scratch that last one. NOT supposed to eat shoes.

It is SO hard to remember.

I ate part of my mother's pants once...her work ones. She came home after being gone FOREVER (or at least several hours), changed into her jeans, took me out, and the LEFT AGAIN!

It must be the fault of the pants. Whenever she wears fancy pants, she stays gone a long time. So I ate them.

Turned out, she was going to a seminar on "Travelling with Your Pets."

Good thing she loves me.

Anyway, I eat things I'm not supposed to. Boxes are my favorite, but I really like plastic too. So when we went on vacation and I found this little black piece of plastic, I ate it. Mom called it a roach trap, and instead of getting mad, she got really scared and called some people about poisoning me. Or maybe it was to find out if I was poisoned.

Turned out not to be a strong poison in the trap, but what she found was that my microchip from "Home Again" offers a deal for $15 a year where you can call doggie poison control for free (Plus some other stuff I don't remember. Oh, if I get lost, they will pay like $500 to get me home). But seems like that might be a good place to be able to call if we were overseas too.

'Cause there's ALL SORTS of interesting things to eat there!

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