Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Story

My name is Noostie, and I am a DiploDog.

I don't like to talk about my life before my adoption. Let's just say I was sick, hungry and scared. But in September 2002, as I was sitting in my tiny, stinky cage at the Chapel Hill, NC shelter, just after I heard whispers from the guards that they were going to make me go to sleep (I sleep just fine on my own, so I am not sure what they meant), my mother came to visit. Then she visited again, and again. And then she took me home.

And now I am a DiploDog. I travel around the world serving the country, conducting very important business with other governments, going to fancy parties, and getting to live in interesting places and meet interesting people.

Wait, my mothers get to conduct the business and go to the parties. But the last part is true.

And here is where I will tell you some of my stories. And my sisters, the cats and the bird, will tell you their stories too. Well, the nice ones might. I can't say for sure about Koshka. She is kind of old and cranky. But Pishik will...just don't make fun of her, because she is kind of slow.

Don't tell her I said that...she might get Koshka to beat me up.

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  1. Dear DiploDog,

    I know air travel is not your favorite thing to do. What would you suggest to bring on your flight to make it a more comfortable experience? Do you have a favorite/least favorite airline experience?