Sunday, March 7, 2010

My new picture

So mom finally found a good picture of me in Jerusalem. The new picture on the masthead is me on our balcony in Jerusalem.

Down below, you can see our "dog park." The land is actually owned by the Queen of England, and was supposed to be where they would build an embassy if the final status of Jerusalem was ever determined. Of course, now it is WAY too small. But it was a good place to go potty and look for squirrels.

Speaking of which, Jerusalem has NO SQUIRRELS! What a rip off! And what is worse, they have lizards, which sound like squirrels climbing a tree but then aren't. Not cool.

We had a crazy neighbor who lived on the other side of our dog park. He liked to point his stick at me. He didn't like dogs because we could see him when he put his prayer shawl on his head. And apparently that made him invisible to people.

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