Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Thought It Was "Puss in Boots"

Some days, I am not sure what mom was thinking.

She tells me I am a Border Collie, and that my ancestors come from Scotland, which can get very cold.

But I am from North Carolina. Where it does not get cold. At least not as cold as it is here.

Every morning, when we go outside to potty, I try to hold my feet up because the ground is so cold, but you can't get all of your feet off the ground unless you sit. And it is too cold to sit.

So I try to convince my mom I can just hold it. Like until spring.

This morning, our routine changed, and she put these things on my feet. They make me walk funny and I do not like them not one bit. She said they are boots just like her boots, but I think they are some kind of evil torture device. You can see what I mean from the picture!

I succeeded in getting all four back off my feet before we finished our walk. Well, okay, three. Mom gave up and took the fourth one off.

But then we came inside and she put them back on!

Though this time, we would walk a few steps and then I'd get some cheese. A few more steps, and more cheese.

I like the boots better with cheese.

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